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Joe Suppers, Founder of NodeCom has entered into a contract to purchase a 120,000 sf building constructed by the Air Force of the United States as an air base command center. The building was one of twenty similar facilities placed strategically throughout the United States and was commonly referred to as The SAGE Building (Strategic Air Ground Environment). It was built for war and specifically to survive a nuclear attack. The building is entirely concrete with 15" reinforced poured concrete walls and columns that are 3' x 3' in size. It was designed with EMP protective attributes and has an AT&T POP located inside the building.

Its remote location in Northern Michigan make this the perfect place for a secure data storage and secure physical storage of precious metals and gems. Its close proximity to Sawyer International Airport allows for its users to fly in and out with easy access to their servers or prized possessions.

As master developer, NodeCom is in the early stages of redevelopment; securing bids from various contracts, assessing environmental issues, becoming familiar with the community, establishing partnerships and identifying stakeholders who will benefit from the development of the data center, as well as applying for non-traditional and traditional funding, 

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