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Land Available for Sale.

RL Properties

The RL Properties are 8 combined parcels which can be sold individually or in groups. The total acreage combined is 143.34 acres. CN Rail runs through the site. Potlatch Lumber is the neighbor to the west. The south fronts M-94. The west is forest land and the northern neighbor is Beijing West International which leases a winter testing facility from Marquette County.

B12 Property Block

The B12 Block of properties can be sold individually or packaged as appropriate. The entire site combined is 39.39 acres. The eastern neighbor is Red Fox Run 18-hole golf course and Building 807 (the former hospital) which could be purchased to increase the site by an additional 20 acres. Infrastructure is plentiful at this site. The Kelly Johnson Memorial Parkway fronts the western boundary and Fifth Stree is to the south. Sawyer International Airport's terminal building is a short walk from the northern end of this block.


This 78 acre site fronts M553 on the east, the furture cross-wind runway to the north, Beijing West International to the south and Sawyer International Airport to the east. A rail spur to the site is possible.


This 221.77 acre site sits at the corner of M553 and Kelly Johnson Memorial Parkway (Airport Access Road). The furture cross-wind runway is to the south and Sawyer International Airport to the east. 

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